Re: Using BandHelper to control banks/patches on the FCB


Hey Shayne,

I'm using Bandhelper to trigger the Gordius Little Giant with AxeFXII.  UNO2 is based on the Gordius  - all from Ossandust genius.  I can verify that Bandhelper works with the Gordius, so I think you can do it with the Tinybox, though I'd need to think and understand what you're doing.  

Bandhelper can send any midi (program change, control change, or raw midi).  FCB/UNO2 can receive midi to select banks, right?  I have a couple with UNO1, but haven't set them up in a while.  

But yes, you could select initial patches on your devices directly from Bandhelper, and I assume you could send a bank select to the FCB for different setups when you need distinct bank setups for songs or sets, if you need.  

For me, Bandhelper sends a control change + value to select a bank (on Gordius - then Gordius sends all bank and patch setup).  I also use the Gordius to trigger "next song" on Bandhelper / iPad, so I think you could select a song with the FCB and Tinybox, and Bandhelper would send all of the setup for each song, i.e. i think there's different ways of doing it.  Bandhelper and Tinybox both allow a ton of options.  I just arrange the setlist in Bandhelper, and click through the set list with a footswitch, and I can trigger audio clips, page down lyrics, etc. in Bandhelper.  

I don't yet have a Tinybox or UNO2, and I'm not exactly sure what you're doing, but I think there's a few very powerful options there with Bandhelper.

Nice to hear someone else using Bandhelper with this stuff !!

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