Re: Using BandHelper to control banks/patches on the FCB

Shayne Harris <shayne@...>

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the reply!
I checked out the Gordius - shame they are all now discontinued.
Ossandust responded after your post and confirmed that the Uno2 equipped FCB just passes MIDI thru - so its not interpreted.

Had a play with Band Helper tonight and easy to setup and send patches to all the devices except the FCB.
So, I guess I could still fire off the patch changes to all my devices from the Band Helper set list, but I believe I will still have to manually select the patch with the FCB if I'm wanting to press the Solo, or Wah, Volume pedals?

I play guitar/lead guitar and sing all the harmonies, so I'm trying to simplify my job... not sure what other cover band guitarists do to arrange the patches/banks. I'm thinking ultimately, I would love to have one bank per song, where the solo button, clean, OD etc... all stay in the same place, but change the top row to effects that may switch in and out. We have about 67 songs for a night - so wondering if the FCB memory can handle that?

BTW, I introduced Band Helper to my crew about a year ago and now everyone uses it, drummer for click etc... its the best on the market IMHO!

Shayne, NZ

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