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I’m followig different discussions and advice here now for a while.
I need to do the following:
As a guitar teacher, get some basic switch functions in Guitar Rig 6 and FCB1010. (Firmware 2.5.0)
(Was used to Guitar Rig 5 and Rig Pedal 2) I understand that Rig 6 is not offering too much midi functionality, and even the fortunate one’s with Rig Pedal 3 have their troubles with Rig 6.

So correct me if I’m wrong:
I need Uno 2 firmware upgrade and editor ( €50,=), and , since my Midi-interface (E-MU Xmidi 2x2, powered by Firewire, on Mac Pro Mojave) is giving these timeout’s on the testpage: I also need a better Midi-interface. (Any advice would help?) BTW, I see some E-MU Xmidi stuff in combination with Windows is working. 
Will I then be able, with the help of this; 'Instructions for GR5 UNO2.txt’, made possible by E.J Sheldon (Thanks!) to do basic pedalboard stuff with the FCB1010 and Guitar Rig 6?

Hopefully I’m complete, thanks in advance!

On 21 Feb 2021, at 04:00, EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...> wrote:

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In the FILES/EJ's UNO2 folder I've posted UNO2 Configuration files and Instructions for the following devices and amp sims:

Helix Rack/Floor/Stomp
Amplitube 4/5
Guitar Rig 4/5/6?

The device files are pretty much optimal for those devices.
The Amp Sim configurations, due to differences between them and the shortcomings of each, have some room to be customized for individual preferences.

If anyone actually tries any of these, or has any questions, I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Latest greatest posted 2/21/21. 128 Presets (thanks for the tip @ossandust!)
Added Looper Functions to Helix.

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