Re: Using BandHelper to control banks/patches on the FCB


I get it.  I'm in a Pink Floyd tribute and I literally can't remember the setup for each song without programming it in advance.  
I'm going to grab the UNO2 soon to check it out, but it sounds like there's no way to remotely control the FCB layout.  Ok.  

Still (forgive this excursion into a myriad of logistics) I wonder if there's a way to take advantage of the power of Tinybox to simulate different layouts, e.g. with conditional logic - when in state A, button 1 controls device X ...   in state B, button 1 controls device Y.   Still, you'd need to directly change the the FCB to coincide with a particular layout, so not sure that buys you anything, and I don't know if that's even possible.  

If you have a fairly small set of standard pedal layouts, then you can program them as banks on the FCB that are mapped to sets of songs, artists, or whatever configuration.  Either way, it sounds like you can't get there automatically.  Or if the PEDALS stay the same (distortion on/off, delay on/off, modulation on/off) and the only thing that changes is the settings of the device parameters (distortion type/gain/level, delay type/time, modulation type/level, etc.) then you don't need to change the FCB at all.  You can send ALL of that directly to your midi controllable pedals from Bandhelper.   Right?  

Might need to specify a channel for each device, but Bandhelper can do all of that.  When you select the next song, Bandhelper can send all of the initial device setup states, but you're stuck with whatever pedal state LED of the FCB, so you might need to end and start with all pedals in off state, then tap dance for each song to select which pedals are on.  Or click up and down bank to make sure the bank is initialized (all pedals off).  That's a little unfortunate.  I'm spoiled.  Gordius can do ALL of that - extremely powerful and flexible.  Can turn on/off lights to the footswitches with or without sending midi.  I can have chains of FCBs - the flexibility and power is overwhelming, but the programming and extendability of Tinybox is quite elegant.

So, i would first ask, does your pedal layout need to change for the FCB, or just the pedal settings?  I'm guessing you might need to move around and switch in and out the effects footswitches on the upper row?

If Bandhelper is JUST selecting a patch and initial state, and you're using the same basic layout on the FCB pedal board, then you can send all of that initial setup directly from Bandhelper.  Should work.  But you're stuck with whatever FCB bank until you manually switch it.  Again, if you only use 2 or 3 configurations of pedal layout, then you just need to remember, or pop up a note on the iPad in the Bandhelper song layout to remind you to go to bank X for this song or set.  

BUT I think you can scroll your setlist with the FCB too - sending midi command you've set up for next song, or even song 31.  That's still potentially 2 clicks (next song + bank change, if needed).   

I think memory of the FCB might be a limiting factor, but Tinybox might be everything you need because it overcomes the limitations of the FCB memory.
I think it depends on how different your layout needs to be.   

Can you get by with one overall layout?


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