Expression pedals programming

Mike Watkinson

Might just be me (it usually is) but the manual seems strangely light on how to programme the two expression pedals. Or maybe there's really not much to it. Anyways, I have added a few lines of code in line with what is in the manual, but no MIDI is being sent from the pedals so I must be missing something pretty obvious to the initiated! The switches all work fine by the way. Here's what I have for the pedals:

   lower bank volume
   upper bank volume
CHANNEL MainStage = 1
   Pedal 1 = lower bank volume
   Pedal 2 = upper bank volume 
SWEEP lower bank volume  = SendMidi MainStage CtrlChange 7 0-127
SWEEP upper bank volume  = SendMidi MainStage CtrlChange 11 0-127

Anything missing or that I need to do to get the pedals sending MIDI?

Thanks in advance

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