Consumption of Memorory #UnO2

Jack Fenton

Does a sting like "Hello" consume 5 bytes of memory in the Uno Foorpedal or are they converted to 1 byte tokens before loading them on the FCB-1010

Right now I'm using a lot of strings and ran out of memory on my configuration. I'm thinking if they do not covert to tokens, I can save memory by having them integers.

Also, if I have multiple presets with the same code, it seems to consume more memory

SendMidi  Nord  CntrlChange 0 0 
Snedmidi Nord CntrlChange 32 0 // The value here might change with each preset since I have 5 banks on this device.
SendMidi Nord ProgChange 3 // this is the only thing that currently changes with the preset

I'm wondering if I do this only once as a trigger and then have instead each preset call the same trigger instead with different values of the Program Chaage and CC 32 it might consume less memory. I would not use the trigger directly with any footswitch, however would call it with different values for each.

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