Re: Dynamic Channel Names #UnO2

Jack Fenton

I agree. I think it is still amazing what you are able to accomplish with a 20 year old piece of hardware.

Also, I would think it would not be that expensive to make it USB class compliant.  

Right now my favorite competetor is the Nektar Pacer that has quite interesting capabilities:

  • 24 Banks of 10 switches - Plus 4 externnal switches and 2 external expression pedals. 
  • Can dynamically assign switch activities with another switch
  • Can use any switch to go directly to another bank
  • Has LED feedback (via USB only)

I use the Nektar to control different apps on my PC.  Voicemeeter Potato and OBS Studio for audio/video switching

I use Uno2 for my MIDI music setup. I also still have Uno 1.0.4 on a different FCB1010.  I have a Eureka Prom that I like for IO mode only but it sits on a shelf right now. It would be nice to be able to install multiple proms and switch between them. I have no stomach for adding other hardware MODs in case I want to sell on of my FCB1010s.

It would have been nice if Nektartec had incorporated 2 expression pedals like Behringer and Roland FC300

The FC300 is nice but programming is only available with pushing footswitches.  No Editor.
It also has a nice 2 line display if you don't mind looking at your feet while switching.

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