Re: Uno2 Tutorials

David Grosz

Have you watched these demos at the link?

there are 5 or 6 examples that go thru making a full setup with the links for the rest at the bottom of the page
There is no audio but it is presented as if your watching it being done in real time.
I am surprised you have not gotten a response on your question.
What I do is save my setups by cut and pasting it into Notepad so if you can give me an idea of what
your trying to do to get you started I have made a setup for people based on what they are trying
to do to help them get going but once you get used to it its not to bad.  One thing I discovered is
if you have an error you must fix the error before moving onto the next line.  To paste something into the editor
from a Notepad doc you press Control v and it will paste it, I'm not sure if there is an updated editor as mine is
from early on I think my chip is #12 but my editor does not cut and paste using the mouse.  To make a copy
of your setup press Control a which highlights the whole thing and then Control c which copies it.  I attached
a Notepad file that you can cut and paste into your editor and it might help you to get started but its fairly easy
once you get the hang of it. 
There is alot I don't know how to do but let me know what your trying to do and I can
give it a shot and do a setup to get you going.  The jpg is a screen shot of one preset
I did of controlling my big rack as a test which it did very well and quite impressive.

Again the below link will take you to the only tutorial info I know of so check that out
and read the manual and just takes a little patience then it will click how to do it


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