Re: Uno2 Tutorials

David Grosz


To me having stock chip then UnO chip and then the UnO2 I would say yes it is worth it.

Why?  Well among lots of things simply having virtual heel and toe switches alone makes
it worth the price and being able to select an audio type taper along with a linear taper on
how sweep reacts. 

If thats not enough it turns the FCB1010 into a very powerful midi controller which can send
out multiple commands on multiple midi channels with one button press.  I use the FCB with
the UnO2 chip for switching a guitar rack primarily an Axe Fx and the enclosed pic is what
happens when that preset is pressed, changing multiple PC and CC messages across multiple
midi channels and though currently mainly use the Axe Fx on its own I don't know of any midi
controller under 1800.00 that can do it.

I like the format of the FCB1010 having 10 switches and 2 expression pedals in a great size
and self contained.  Ossan Dust helped me with how to select any of the 768 available presets
of the Axe Fx which is something not possible on other midi controllers including the MFC-101
which is the Fractal controller made to go with the Axe Fx.  The only downfall is the lack of a
display other than what the bank and preset is that your on or if in stomp mode if effect is on
or off.  If I had it to do over again I would consider the TinyBox because of all the above reasons
and it adds bluetooth and the ability to monitor whats happening and displaying on a tablet.

I highly recommend using the UnO2 chip

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, 06:26:42 PM PDT, Augie <csillery@...> wrote:

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I still have not installed the chip yet. Is it really worth it?

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