Re: Is it possible to condense this UnO2 Control Center Code??? #UnO2

Jack Fenton

Maybe more of a Macro than a function as there are no function parameters or return value.  I'm working on a project and tried this technique to reduce my footprint but was unsuccessful, because I still had to set variables before calling the SendTrigger.  I think I will end up starting from scratch now that I've learned a few things about memory use. It would be helpful to document any other tricks that can be used to reduce the memory footprint. 

I have a bunch of SysEX messages programmed so I think that is where most of my memory is being eaten up. Most of these have the first same 5 bytes so it would be helpful if I could figure a way to string pieces of a SysEX message together to save memory space, like building some sort of byte array.

I assume memory strings are likely actually tokenized by the compiler (editor)  before sending to the FCB1010. I assume also complex conditional logic chews up a lot of memory so structuring in an efficient way (perhaps for reuse like SendTrigger) might be a good technique.

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