Re: Is it possible to condense this UnO2 Control Center Code??? #UnO2

Alf Schroth

I agree with you. How many 30 year old electronic technology is still atound and being used today? I still own my Yamaha DX7 where I bought and installed a daughter board called E! that added numerous enhancements (example: 10 banks of 32 sounds).

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone could figure out a way to add additional memory to the FCB101, maybe on a daughter board that can be installed. (just a thought)

On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 1:45 PM Jack Fenton via <> wrote:
Yes, it is amazing what you have done with 30 year old technology!  You would think that at some point in time, Behringer could make an updated product with more memory and more functionality. But then again, it is probably good business for you that they haven't.  I use UNO2 on this one to control my Nord Stage 2 EX and my Hammond SK2. 

I also have a Nektar Pacer, that has way more functionality (but no SysEX). Also, I have to attached external expression pedals as it has none of it's own.  It has 24 banks (they call them presets) and an additional 2 special banks. One for DAW control and the other for transport control.  It also has USB functionality (including power).  I'm sure they are likely selling a lot of these.  There is also an online editor to program this device. Right now, this is my primary device for controlling things at my desktop computer.  

I also have a FC-300 (bought used) but it can only be programmed through the tap-dance method or sending a SysEX dump. No editor.

Best regards, Alf

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