Re: Issue with Case Construct UNO2 1.3 #UnO2

Jack Fenton

Yes, I know that $DEV is set correctly.  I've spend hours on this and it seemed to work perfectly with the old UNO2 firmware so I'm pretty sure ether there is a bug in 1.3 or the 1.3 editor.  Are you  running 1.3?

The only thing I added to this code is the SendPedal 1 construct to debug whether it was properly getting set without having to move the pedal again. (New 1.3 feature).  I'll wait to hear back from ossandust before I try and tackle this any more. 

I also move it to an if , else if, construct and it is still not working. All I get for the Nord is Swell but Hammond properly switches between Swell and Volume.

I haven't even tried to tackle Expression 2.  Also, I have a similar construct for sustain pedal select that is not working that was working with UNO2 1.2

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