Re: Issue with Case Construct UNO2 1.3 #UnO2

Jack Fenton


I also tried if, else if and else constructs but had similar problems. I originally thought also that it might be "case" nesting problem.  I may end up going back to my original UNO2 chip if I can't figure it out.  I understand the mailing chips is a pain so I might just ask for a refund instead of an replacement if you confirm it is broken.  The original 1.2 chip worked fine but just didn't have the new functionality of 1.3 that I was looking for.  I'm also a bit disappointed that the SysEX sweeps don't work as expected in 1.3.  I may just end up going to Eureka3 PROM in IO mode and use my BomeBox to handle all of the heavy lifting. I really didn't want a separate box, however (TinyBox or BomeBox).

A shame that Behringer cannot just create an "FB-2022" that has lots more ram and with flash memory for upgrading. The form factor is really nice and it really is ripe for having something similar that does what TinyBox does without the need for an external controller.  I'd use my Nektar Pacer, but with that it requires external expression pedals.  Pacer also has USB so that is really nice.

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