Re: Issue with Case Construct UNO2 1.3 #UnO2

Jack Fenton

Hi @ossandust,

While, I appreciate you taking the time to show me "workarounds',   perhaps you can just send me the fixes when you have them (I'm not in a hurry) or refund my purchase and I will go back to my old EPROM that seemed to work correctly.  I'm still amazed at what you have been able to accomplish with such little FCB1010 memory. I'm not interested in an external box, to control the FCB1010, but I would be interested in having a firmware solution that worked.  I prefer my old firmware (that works) over new firmware (that requires workarounds).

If I have larger projects that FCB1010 doesn't handle, then I will use my existing BomeBox with EureakProm in IO mode which will allows me to control the FCB1010 and also other devices without making any hardware mods to my FCB1010. 

For simpler projects, I still have my FCB1010 (different one) that I'm running UNO 1.0.4 that handles most of my needs.

Thanks for looking into this all though!

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