Re: Switch Presets through code? #UnO2


While you can send most anything you like using a Preset, the LED always tells you what preset you're in. That's it's purpose.


If you have your effects toggles next to the Preset's Program Change button in the Bank you can use SwitchOn to turn up to 8 (9 if not using Direct Bank) of them ON/OFF, then those would reflect their ON/OFF status and could be used as expected.


   Direct Bank : Stomp1 | Stomp2 | Stomp3 | Stomp4 | Stomp5  | Stomp6 | Stomp7 | Stomp8 | Stomp9    
   bank 1      : 0      | Stomp1 | Stomp2 | Stomp3 | Stomp4  | Stomp5 | Stomp6 | Stomp7 | Stomp8


Preset 0 =
         SendMidi DEVICE ProgChange 0
    SwitchOn Stomp1 
    SwitchOff Stomp2 
    SwitchOn Stomp3 
    SwitchOff Stomp4
    SwitchOn Stomp5 
    SwitchOff Stomp6
    SwitchOn Stomp7
    SwitchOff Stomp8


Of course, you can arrange the banks anyway and Preset Commands any way you like.

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