Re: Fcb UNO 1.0.2f works in guitar rig4 but not in amplitube5


I just wanted to give it a shot since I barely use it. I am a drummer and mainly use one preset for bass and play online with friends. I just don't see how it could corrupt the pedal being your flashing the memory fully each time.
   It seems if I get a good flash and it is not corrupt as I have it now it works fine I just wanted to get the stomp pedal to turn things on and off in amplitube and I should be finished with the programming part. its working now on both synths correctly other than the darn amplitube making you have to relearn anything on the pedals. I will get it sometime I just was giving it a go since I had time. If you have an idea what to switch on or off on those stomp pedals I would appreciate it .

My old guitar rig works great for anyone with an uno though if they would like to try it. and this one seems to do both ok other than stomps . 
your so right on this editor though it has a mind of its own sometimes. 
I really appreciate you and this forum for all your help so far. I cant thank you enough.
I almost purchased the control center this morning but after reading the manual real well after messing all night with this and I saw he had removed the cc2 and that is the only way I am able to make the presets switch on my last bank for amplitube using kind of a crazy reverse cc on cc2 if I turn it off I don't get a change on the pedals at all. 

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