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The Tap Tempo work by hitting the patch button in time.  So isn't your button = 5 redundant?

I'm done with my programming and am very pleased with the outcome.


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You've picked the most labor intensive configuration. So, I set up three banks, as follows. When you get UNO_ControlCenter you can fill out the other banks by simply using the Preset Copy/Paste functions and changing the PC#s as required. You can also save the sysex as a ControlCenter sysex (.lgp) 

Here's what I did and why:

Bank 00 controls the modes, preset scrolling, snapshots and tuner. Since the Helix floor doesn't have Modes, I couldn't test that, but it should work.

Bank 01 calls preset 000 with snapshot 1 from button 1. This was necessary because when you call a preset, it also sends all other commands associated with that preset. Calling Snapshot 1 makes sense. Buttons 2 and 3 call snapshots 2 and 3.If you press button 1 again after pressing any of the others, it reloads snapshot 1.

Button 4 is the Tuner. Button 5 is Tap Tempo. It makes sense having Tap Tempo on the bottom row for ease of use. Buttons 6-10 are FS1-FS5.

Bank 02 calls preset 001, the rest is the same.

Try out those 2 banks and let me know.

Yes, I'm assuming that you'll get ControlCenter. You COULD try creating the other 70 presets one command at a time in the Ed Dixon Editor, but Copy/Paste in ControlCenter is SO much easier.....

Attached is the revised sysex and a screenshot of what it looks like in the ControlCenter Spreadsheet Configuration View.