FCBUnoControlCenter version 1.07


Here you go


Note that it is demo version, you will need a serial number for full functionality... 


I'm also interested by old 1.x version both for windows and mac OS.
I do not want to buy an extra $$ to continue using it on mac (my initial setup) or windows.
I have done the update without questions. Then, I have discovered that there's is an additional charge to use V2.x, even for people having already purchased v1.x.
No way to get back to previous version.

duo loa

Yes I'm also interested in old 1.07 version. The version 2 doesn't work on my system

Robert Gerritsen

But on Windows you check the switch 64-bit and recompile it.

I only want to have the "old" 1.07 software (installer).

To be off topic: I still can download Windows 95 and use it with my old serial.


No Robert, you don't have to buy a new license. You have the software currently running on 3 Windows computers - which makes it a license cost of 6.66€ each. Just keep using them, don't spend more money. 

To answer the weird question you emailed me : 

"Why do I have to pay for software, when there is no extra features and bug fixes? Can you explain that to me, please?" , I'll answer with a real life analogy: 

when you are driving a car, you don't have to pay anything when the next model comes out. Except when you hit another car hard enough (like I did last week) and you are forced to buy a new car. I bought the exact same model, yet I didn't ask the car salesman why I had to pay for it...

And more on topic : I have decided to ask 20€ for the v.2.0 license, even if there is no functional difference with the v.1x version, because I spent a lot of time rewriting the old code to be compatible with the most recent 64-bit framework (thanks Apple). 


I think the upgrade really only applied as an upgrade to MAC users. For WIn users, the update didn’t bring any changes/improvements. As I am a new user, I did have to purchase an individual license.


What was the problem that you needed improved?
What's wrong with 2.0 (I haven't tried it yet) that you think the old version would be better?
I don't understand about the "net version" thing - what's that about?
I can't find the update notice just now (where did I move that darned thing to?), but I think your old license will work, maybe some minor dance-around?

Robert Gerritsen


Does anybody has got the "old" version of the FCBUnoControlCenter software? Could that person place it in the Files section?

There is now a "new" 2.0 version with no improvement. But you will have to buy a net License!!