GIO Transfer Go-Ahead Given

Roger Colwell

The GIO Transfer Agent membership application has been processed and "it" has joined the group as a regular member, which I've then followed up with changing its status to moderator in order to proceed with the transfers.

Now we must wait and hope that we're somewhere well-placed in the queue and will not suffer any consequences of Y!G having technical issues with our data! It may take several days ...

I've already created the subgroup for UnO in (what will become) our new forum, i.e. there's essentially two separate sections, one called "main" and the other "uno". If you'd like a preview, their URLs are, respectively:

Please do NOT register at the above, instead, be patient until everything including the memberlist is transferred over. The main reason for not signing up now is that this new profile of "you" will override the existing Y!G one and, possibly, you might cause conflicts with existing messages.

Roger Colwell
FCB1010_UnO Group Moderator