Asked for the umpteenth time :)


"...ditched my Helix"

IMHO you've made a bad choice which you will sooner or later regret on EVERY level. I say that having gone the other way, from SW amp sims to Helix, which could also have been used to control the amp sims..

That said, with the stock chip, you have the ability to use two CCs per preset, with or without actually sending a PC#. If you set them to the same CC# with different values, the first value will be sent on the first press, and consecutive presses will toggle the values. The LEDs WILL NOT reflect the status, you need UNO for that.

Be aware that GR uses 127/000 for ON/OFF, and Amplitube uses 000/127 for ON/OFF. You can reverse these defaults within the programs, but only on a per preset and per controller level. In GR you can do it globally for LOCKED (global) controllers. All in all a major PITA.

Since you've committed to this path, I highly recommend that you get UNO and UNO_ControlCenter. The drawbacks to using the stock chip for controlling amp sims are too numerous to list.


Hello all. Just joined the group, so my apologies for asking something that has no doubt been asked and answered too many times to remember over the last 10 years or so!

I have bought the FCB1010 and ditched my Helix so I can concentrate on Guitar Rig and Amplitube. I have the expression pedals working via Cubase 10 for both applications but the question is, do I need the UNO chip before I can use the switches to turn the stomp pedals on and off?

I'm happy to learn the intricacies of programming to get the switches to respond to CC instead of program change, I just want to know before I start if I would be running down a blind alley and need UNO to achieve what I want.

Many thanks in advance for your indulgence!