My Sysex Gift

Freqrider Miles

Welcome to our new home everyone! Here’s a little welcoming gift for you all. 

My setup, as follows:

Banks 00-03 are 40 Program changes on Midi Channel 1. I use these to control my software synth presets in Ableton, etc...

Banks 04-06 are 30 Program changes on Midi Channel 2. I use these to control my Amplitube presets.

Bank 07 is set up as STOMPBOXES, pedals 1-10. I prefer having 10 stomp box pedals on 1 bank rather than splitting the stomps over 19 banks.

Banks 08-09 are Note Information so I can use the FCB as a Bass Pedal. 

Pedals A and B are configured to send CC information, Modulation and Volume, respectively.

Here’s a snapshot of my setup, if you wish to configure it manually or visually see how the sysex is configured.

Steve Meiers

Very generous, thank you Freqrider! It's a very useful configuration you've provided.
Is your FCB stock or does it have an UnO ROM mod?
Oops, this IS the UnO Group, so it probably has an UnO ROM, but which UnO ROM version will your config work with?

Freqrider Miles

I have version 1.04 but it should work with most versions. Thanks, enjoy!