UnO2 INIT_BANK with Direct Bank


I love the Direct Bank function in UnO2 and would like to send a Midi signal on its activation. I tried 

INIT_BANK Direct Bank = {}

but it doesnt work. Is there any other way to make that work?


No, not possible currently. We simply didn't think of providing "INIT_BANK" functionality for the Direct Bank, as this bank is intended to contain functionality which should be easily accessible at any time from any bank. While the "INIT_BANK" functionality would typically contain specific initialization for a certain bank (in the TinyBox you also have INIT_SONG, which makes even more sense when you work with a setlist and you scroll through songs with the up/down switches). Anyway, I'll put it on the wish list.


+1 on INIT_BANK for Direct Bank


Just to follow up on this - it would be really valuable to trigger some additional functionality whenever the Direct Bank is activated. Maybe INIT_Bank is not the correct way (as it is also not called for the original bank when you return from the Direct Bank), but some functionality like this would be really awesome and on #1 of my wishlist.

Are you planning to release a firmware update sometimes soon?


I don't communicate any expected release date because I can never predict how much time I can spend on TinyBox+UnO2 development. I wasn't able to work on this for several months now, but I recently continued working on the next firmware version again. I will first work on the TinyBox firmware, because that is much easier to test and debug thanks to the USB-based firmware updates. After that I will copy most or all of the features to the UnO2 firmware. I am also working on a test environment which can do a fully automated functional test of a TinyBox and an UnO2 equipped FCB1010. This will allow to test each and every available command with a press on a button, and ensure that new firmware release doesn't break existing functionality. TinyBox bugfix releases are easy, but UnO2 firmware requires thorough testing in order to avoid sending around buggy EPROM chips.

I have already updated the UnO2 changelog with a list of the expected new features for the next release (not sure yet if I will succeed to get all of that in the FCB1010 EPROM - it will definitely be the last major UnO2 release)  : 

- add-on : possibility to use the up/down switches as preset switches instead of bank up/down
- add-on : possibility to use a data variable for specifying the MIDI channel of MIDI messages
- add-on : command "SendPedal 1" / "SendPedal 2" to send the message for the current expr.pedal position 
- add-on : command "GotoSong" / "GotoBank" 
- add-on : INIT_BANK support for the Direct Bank
- add-on : possibility to check on current bank/song/preset in conditional commands :
           if(#CURRENT_BANK ==/!= "...") if(#CURRENT_SONG ==/!= "...") if(#CURRENT_PRESET ==/!= "...")
- add-on : possibility to check on an effect state in conditional commands :
           if(EFFECT_ON "...")  if(EFFECT_OFF "...")
- add-on : possibility to send SysEx with the expression pedals
- add-on : possibility to remotely control the FCB1010 through MIDI IN : 
           CC 00 nn = GOTO BANK nn
           PC 00-09 = click/release footswitch 1 - 10
           PC 14-15 = click/release Down/Up switch