Fcb1010 in Amplitube


I'm not sure what you're getting at.
In the FCB, if the Exp Pedals are set up in the preset (they're set up in every preset in my sysex), then both Exp Pedals are "activated" in EVERY preset as soon as you select ANY preset. That's just the way the FCB works.

In Amplitube 5, you open the PREFERENCES Dialog (upper right next to Custom Shop), go to Control>Control Change>Global and set WAH to the CC# that the FCB is using for an Exp pedal. In my sysex that's usually (depending on the version you found) either 126 (A) or 127 (B).

In Previous versions of Amplitube there were Global Settings for each Pedal Board Slot. In AT5 you drag the desired WAH to the desired position in the signal chain, and that opens Pedal Board View. Then you Right Click the ON/OFF Switch at the Top of the WAH, select ASSIGN MIDI>BYPASS>LEARN BYPASS, hit the FCB STOMP switch you want to use to activate the WAH in AT5, and SAVE the AT5 Preset. That STOMP is now what activates the WAH in the AT5 Preset, but the FCB's Exp Pedals are ALWAYS "activated", and will always appear to move the WAH pedal in AT5, but the WAH doesn't affect the sound UNLESS you hit the FCB STOMP button that's assigned to the AT5 WAH's Bypass in that preset.

Another way to look at it. ITRW a WAH is activated by a Toe Switch. In AT5 it's activated by a CC# sent from an FCB Stomp button. The FCB Exp Pedal assigned to the WAH function in AT5>Control>Control Change>Global doesn't need to be activated (once you've selected ANY FCB Preset), it's ready to go as soon as you select the Stomp assigned to the WAH BYPASS in the AT5 Preset.

This is, IMO, the STUPIDEST part of the Amplitube MIDI implementation.
In THU you can assign the WAH to be OFF when it receives a CC Value of 0, ON when receiving any CC# > 0. Virtual Toe switch, only on Heel Down instead of Toe Down.


George Morssink

Hi EJ, I’m using the Uno Control Center software. Thanks for your sysex file. Most pedals of the fcb are working now. 

I just can’t get the Wah expression pedal correct. It stays on when I program pedal 8 to activate it. Is it possible to turn it off by pressing pedal 8 after usage? And how do I program this?
If the Wah stays on, even in heel down position you can hear it. 


Which Editor are you using, and which version of UNO?
You NEED to get the UNO_ControlCenter Editor. If you're using one of the FREE editors, SURPRISE!
They don't work properly with UNO.
The $22 you spend on the Editor will pay for itself the first time you use it.
One of it's best features is a built-in MIDI Monitor, so you'll know EXACTLY what is ACTUALLY saved in your FCB.
Also, at that time, if you look around on here, you'll find one of the 227 times I've posted an Amplitube sysex file.
If not, I can always post it for the 228th time! :-)

George Morssink

I’ve spend hours and hours to configure a setup for my Fcb1010 Uno for Amplitube 5. But everytime I start up A5, it looks like the Fcb is forgotten the setup. I programmed the stompboxes on the lower row. If I push 1 in a preset where it’s programmed for overdrive on and off for that preset, it is switching the preset to another preset?

From the Uno producer I heard that it is not possible to program an expension pedal On and Of. So my wah pedal always has to stay On once I activate it with pedal 8. Seems very strange to me, as I purchased Uno for the ‘endless possibilities’. Is this true?

I’m using the Uno control center software. Hope somebody can help me?