Uno 2 and Ableton Live #UnO2


Haha no worries! I was a bit perplexed! Haha

I've been putting it all together today so I'll likely post mine at some point soon! 



Don't I feel stupid!

Apparently, I never posted it, and had it in a local directory when my laptop went belly up!

I still have the regular UNO version that I made, maybe over the weekend I'll convert it.

Thanks for looking!


Not sure if I'm being really dense but I can't see it in there?


In the FILES section under EJ's UNO2, I posted a looper control file for Ableton.
I don't really use Ableton or looping on a regular basis, and I wrote the file more as a fun exercise than anything else.
As you are a regular Ableton user, if you'd give it a try, I'd be interested in your opinion. 


I know this is a few months on but I wanted to respond, although new to UnO2 (I only got it yesterday!) I'm relatively comfortable with programming and have also been using MIDI and Ableton for over ten years now.  I'm just working through planning my Ableton looping setup just now so I'm sure with the similarities between the setups I'm sure we could help each other!

How are you getting on with it?



...since there aren't any specific guidelines for Ableton, I'm finding it hard to make progress.
There aren't any specific guides because a.) Ableton is very flexible and has a lot of different included instruments, all of which can be customized in many different ways, and b.) There are at least hundreds of other plugins that would need their own setups, and can also be customized by Ableton's included effects and functions.

But, basically, you can get started pretty simply.  First, set the all of the FCB's MIDI channels to something that isn't '1'  and isn't being used for other devices (if you haven't already).  This will keep it from interfering with other MIDI devices or sounding a note by accident.  Now, just to start, program all the foot switches to send a different note.  Program the expression pedals:  Pick two CC numbers, depending on what you want to control.  CC 07 is, by default, used for main volume.  20-31 and 66-77 are the largest undefined blocks - so feel free to use those for anything you like. If you don't have any other MIDI devices, you can pretty much choose any number from 0-127.

Then just use MIDI Assign in Ableton to set up your foot switches and the pedals.  The simple Note messages will, by default, turn a control on with one push, and turn it off with the next.  Of course, pretty soon you'll come across something that needs a more complicated control.  At this point you'll want to read carefully through the whole UnO2 Manual so you can program toggles, multiple commands per button press, and many other things.

It really is amazingly flexible.  If you have a particular set of plugins and/or instruments you use regularly, you could post that setup and ask for help setting the pedal up for it.


Thanks for the offer, Jack.  I actually got the FCB UNO2 working with Live earlier today.  I ended up modifying a setup file that another user had shared by making just a few important changes. 

I changed each Effect which had NoteOn and NoteOff commands written in them to CtrlChange commands.  I found out that control change, rather than midi note on/off messages, allows me to use midi learn to assign each pedal to the on/off button of an effect plugin in live so that when I step on a pedal, its red led lights up, and the corresponding plugin turns on... just like my analog pedal board.  I ended up programming 19 FCB pedals as UNO 2 "Effects" to control on/off buttons of plugins in Ableton LIve and 1 other pedal as an UNO 2 "Trigger" to control Live's tap tempo button.

One other change I made to the FDB UNO 2 setup file was to simply change the midi channel from 1 to 15.  For some reason, when the FCB was set to channel 1, Live would receive midi messages from the FCB and allow me to assign controls via midi map, but (mysteriously), after I mapped any of the UCB's foot pedals, upon testing them, none would work.  At that point, I noticed that my Arturia keyboard controller was transmitting on midi channel 15 and all of its mapped controls worked well, so I thought I would try changing the midi channel, and surprise: it worked.  

Anyway, I think I'm in good shape now to continue learning about the UNO 2's features/capabilities and applying that to more interesting ways to control Live.  It's going to be fun.  I'll post my current basic setup file here in case it might help the next newcomer!


Jack Fenton

Hi @tomujame

I just got my Uno2 and got it working pretty well with my Hammond SK2 and Nord Stage 2 EX.

I'm willing to give some pointers or a basic project file, however maybe if you show in your own words how you want to program say 2 banks. I'll be happy to help. i want to build my skills on programming UNO2.  


I just recently installed the UNO 2 chip, and although it is working, I am struggling with its programming.  Although I have read the UNO 2 manual several times, since there aren't any specific guidelines for Ableton, I'm finding it hard to make progress.

I would like to use my FCB1010 + UNO 2 to control effects and looping functions in Ableton Live.  I also own the original FCB UNO (1) chip, and I was able to control Ableton pretty well with it, but the limit on the # of stomp box assignments made me decide to get the UNO 2.

Anyway, that's my situation.  If anyone is willing to share suggestions for how to successfully control Ableton LIve via the FCB UNO 2, I would greatly appreciate it!