UNO 1.03 as 10-switch stompbox


Hello group,

I just brushed off my FCB-1010 that has been stowed away for a couple of years. When I got it second hand I bought  and installed a UNO-chip (v.1.0.3  it turns out). However my setup changed before i made any use for it, but I kept it. Now as I'm awaiting a Quad Cortex and studied its MIDI implementation I came to to think of the FCB and to use it as a MIDI remote, providing 2 expression pedals and a bunch of switches to double the QC switches.

OK, so I go for the remote programming sofware - unfortunately it does not communicate with my unit. Instead I go to the documentation and finds out/remember that you can have 5 stomp box switches (the QC has 10) and the other... well for other functions. Maybe UNO2 then, but my availabe MIDI-interfaces times out (though the FCB is correctly identified as UNO 1.0.3. So back to what I got - 5 is better than none.

I get a grip of the setup and and programming the switch and pedal setup, checking the result of my efforts with MIDI monitor software. Then, by mistake I do the toggle controller value setup for a switch on the wrong row - and it turns out it also sends toggling CC-values! So I continue to set upp all 10 switches with stomp box functionality - the only difference being that the LEDs doesn't indicate the stomp function on the "wrong" row.

I haven't found (so far) anything documenting this "feature" of UNO 1.0.3 - is it widely known and used?

Anyway, for my simple intended use, the "feature" eliminates the need for a UNO2 (and extra compatible MIDI-interface).


That's the normal FCB Toggling function. You just need to turn off the PCs for those presets to prevent sending them to the QC (unless you want that).


Thanks, yes I have disabled the PCs. Yes the only difference I can spot is that the "non stompbox" LEDs behave like they indicate preset changes. I assume that's hard coded.