Feature Request: Read out last value of Pedal-Sweeps #UnO2


Hi, for my current project it would be awesome to read the last value of a pedal sweep into a variable.

for example:

CHANNEL Strymon = 3  
SWEEP volume = SendMidi Strymon CtrlChange 7 40-100 SlowRising  
VAR $currentVolume = 40
INIT_FCB = { Pedal 1 = volume }

$currentVolume = volume     // get the last value that was transmitted by volume Sweep

This way I could set the volume to 0 with an Effect (=Mute), and when turning the Effect off again put it back to the original volume that was set previously by the pedal.

Do you think this might be possible? Or do you have another idea how to solve this?

Best regards, Michael.


Interesting feature request, I'll put it on the list. Sounds like I should add a number of "predefined variables", like current bank, current preset, current expressionpedal position, ... 


Yes, that would be awesome! Is this list visible anywhere?  :-)
Just for some inspiration of what might come in the future?