MIDI Receive functions #UnO2


I have just ordered my UNO2 and waiting for it to arrive. I have just spent some time getting a base program together and getting all my ideas in. I can't seem to find anything about midi receive, is there such a function ? For example, when I trigger an FX On in Ableton, it sends a midi message out to signal it has been turned on. On other controllers it will light up the button, for example. So when opening the ableton session, the FCB doesn't know if the effect is currently active or not. If the FX is already active, it will switch the effect off but then show active on the FCB. I want to program an IF statement to say essentially: Effect on, if midi receive = effect on, do nothing. If midi receive = off, then effect on. I realise this isn't in any programming language, I'm just short handing it for now. Careful prep might prevent things like this happening on stage but if I can take care of it with some clever programming I would like to. 


The only other alternative I can think of is writing an Ableton Control Surface Script to specify on/off values but have yet to really look into this. I've been using the FCB as standard so all my midi mapping is already in place, re writing a script for it all doesn't sound too attractive. 


Any help appreciated! 


the FCB1010 doesn't do anything with incoming MIDI (except forwarding it).


Ok thank you, I thought so! I will come up with another creative solution!!