[HELP] Basic Logic Pro X setup #UnO2

Lew Lepton

hi everyone,

i am new here, but a long time Logic Pro X user & very long time musician & recording artist. But would first like to say 'hello, im Lew Lepton, i have a decentralised band called ERUERS'

id like to ask about the UnO2 with Logic Pro X. this includes using the positive grid software, FX, PEDAL & AMP. which i love to bits & use all the time

but id like to enquire about using the FCB & UnO2 with Logic Pro X & seeing what settings would be the best to start with, since ive been trying to sync it, which i have to some degree. but there seems to be MIDI that is still interacting with Logic, such as the preferences window popping up

I was wondering what settings would be great to use the pedal, without it interfering with Logic insides. Just so i can use the FCB without trouble to interact with positive grid. i have got it to work, but again, some MIDI is talking to Logic when i dont need it to

thanks for your time & all the best


Lew Lepton

also. i should have given my current thing im trying, its at the bottom, though couldnt find a formatter for code on here, so i apologies for all the text. i know for sure it some part of the MIDI signal. i did just change the channel to 16 for the FCB, but when doing the 'learn', it was flashing with MIDI channel 9, for some reason

though i have gotten it to work & can do minor things, there is still conflict of messages that still seems to be happening

but this is just a simple stompbox setup, using only 1 channel on the FCB for now. its something to start with, then can build up to using the other channels on the FCB later on



Stomp 1
Stomp 2
Stomp 3
Stomp 4
Stomp 5
Stomp 6
Stomp 7
Stomp 8
Stomp 9
Stomp 10
   bank 1 : Stomp 1 | Stomp 2 | Stomp 3 | Stomp 4 | Stomp 5 | Stomp 6 | Stomp 7 | Stomp 8 | Stomp 9 | Stomp 10
Pedal 1 = CHANNEL1
Pedal 2 = CHANNEL2
INIT_BANK bank 1 =
   Pedal 1 = CHANNEL1
   Pedal 2 = CHANNEL2
SWEEP CHANNEL1 = SendMidi MIDI CtrlChange 00 0-127 SlowRising
SWEEP CHANNEL2 = SendMidi MIDI CtrlChange 01 0-127 SlowRising
EFFECT_ON Stomp 1 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 72 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 1 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 72 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 2 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 73 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 2 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 73 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 3 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 74 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 3 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 74 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 4 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 75 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 4 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 75 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 5 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 76 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 5 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 76 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 6 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 77 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 6 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 77 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 7 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 78 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 7 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 78 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 8 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 79 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 8 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 79 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 9 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 80 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 9 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 80 0
EFFECT_ON Stomp 10 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOn 81 127
EFFECT_OFF Stomp 10 = SendMidi MIDI NoteOff 81 0

Lew Lepton

ah. i may have found something. i was looking all the way thru the MIDI stuff [again] & may have found the conflicts

ill post up with my findings & a solution & even a way to connect things once i feel its fine 👍

Lew Lepton


my suspicions were correct, there were some major MIDI conflicts in the controller assignments window & i have been able to connect it up perfectly, with no indication of things popping up or having crossed wires.
i dont know why these other MIDI signals were around. since i am & have not been using any MIDI for my music. only this controller. but there was a lot of utter useless things going on. much of which i feel were the problem.
so i deleted everything that had an inkling of MIDI coming in & started again, fresh as a daisy. made sure my FCB setup was sending the correct signals etc. sure enough it was perfectly fine 👍

my stompbox setup is completely fine as well, no problems. i chose channel 16, since many DAW or other things dont have that channel used for anything. so i wanted to be safe, plus im only using logic, nothing else. though i will tackle mainstage soon, since i may just use that for my live stuff

i will post something soon, but ill look to do a video instead, because im crap at typing & waffle on, so a video would be best 👍

but i do want to work on a second channel on the FCB that does transport stuff, just so i can use the FCB without having to break away from playing guitar, or whatever else. basically not to use my hands for simple things that are needed for much more important things 👍
once i do the transport stuff, then i feel i will make the video, & ill post up here on a new post with it

so apologies im not posting the solution in full here yet. but the stompbox code i posted up should help you get past certain things