FCB1010 UNO and Yamaha THR30 amp


Hello FCB101 Uno users,
I need some help for my current installation. Indeed, I intend to use my Uno modified FCB1010 for controlling a practise amp, the Yamaha THR30W, via its app, THR Remote. Normally, the system is bluetooth, but I found that Wired Midi s responsive. For this purpose, I us a little Midi interface, the iRig Pro, USB connected the a Macbook and Midi connected to FCB1010. That said, I also tried a bluetooth interface (Yamaha BT101) on FCB1010, with success.
Nevertheless, some points have to be fixed:
1- the first one is the use of stomp boxes (switches 6 to 10) to (de-)activate FX for a given preset. I have to push the button switch twice to activate or to deactivate the FX in place, for each switch. I think their setup is properly encoded, you can find it in the setup pdf attached
2- When I change an amp preset (via FCB1010 or manually on the THR Remote), the stomp boxes are not following the right status of (de)activated FX for the current preset, thus I tried the different stompboxes status in the preset, with the FCB Control Centre. Is there no handshake Midi from the THR Remote?
3- For preset changes (I need 5 for the amp), I’m using the #1 to 5 FCB switches. For this purpose, I had no success with program changes, But it’s ok when I’m using Control Changes. Weird.
These are my first concerns, and they are big ones, especially 1- and 2-. If there is no solution for this, I must abandon the FCB1010 as a controller.
Is someone could help me?
Thanx a lot for your further comments! Cheers,
Marc V from Belgium


Where did you find the midi info? I couldn't find anything useful anywhere.

Without that I can only guess based on your description of the symptoms.
My guess is that the device does not use toggling CCs. It wants to see a Value of 0, which simply flips the ON/OFF status from whatever it currently is.
When set up for toggling as you have it set, the first time you press the FS it sends a value of 127, the second time it sends 0, then 127 again and so on.
This is why I think it wants to see a value of 0 and ignores 127.
This being the case, the LEDs will never accurately reflect the ON/OFF status of the device's effects.
To test this, set both values of each Stomp to 0.

This also explains why the per preset ON/OFF settings won't work properly. They're intended to "fake" 2-way communication by sending ON or OFF at preset load, thus setting the LCDs, turning the device's effects ON/OFF as desired, and priming the device for the next ON/OFF message. There's no way for the FCB to sense the status of the controlled device - it's 1-way communication only.

The little bit that I could find on YouTube indicates that the device uses CC#s, not PC#s, for Program Changes.


Thank you, Sheldon, for your advices, I really appreciate :-)
So I could resolve the ON/OFF switching, with now only one push to (de)activate the THR30 FX. But the 0 value you proposed is not the good one; I had to set the on/off status both to 127. 
About the correspondance between the FX status of the device and on the FCB1010, I still have to investigate, but I’m quite sure you’re right: the device doesn’t send any value. 
Furthermore, I modified a bit the command panel and added a Tap tempo on the 10th; it’s working great!
Another thing I tried is the THR30 master volume regulated by the expression pedal B. I thought it could be easy, but it causes me a problem: when I switch between the different presets (#1-5), where the exp B is activated, this pedal doesn’t respond. And its led remains off. Nevertheless, the led briefly blinks during the switching. I don’t know where I’m wrong, so I attached the new setup ti have a clear view. This is a pure fcb1010 problem, no interaction with the Yamaha device.
Anyone could help?


Sorry I forgot to join the setup. Here it is ;-)


You need to set up the expression pedals in the STOMP section too. They're activated per preset, and although the STOMPS aren't being used as presets, the same rule applies.


Yes, indeed. I did it at first (expression pedal activated on each FX). But the problem was the same: at each preset change, the expression pedal was deactivated and I had to activate it with one stomp switch. I tried some different status of expression pedals, on both preset and stomp switches, but without success. But since you confirm me the expression pedals also have to be activated on stomp, I will investigate further. Thank you once again for your help.  ;-)


Well I reviewed the setup, with exp pedal activated on all stompboxes, as well as on the presets. Now it works properly. I surely made some mistake the last time I try to fix it.
Thanks EJ Sheldon for your help.  ;-)