ghost CC message appearing

Mateu Ros

OK, I just tested it as soon as I hit home. You are the man!

Yes, it was the "tap tempo" feature. I read about it long ago in the manual, but never understood what it was doing... I thought it was sending a midi clock or similar.
(I was thinking that the issue might be related to the "toggle" feature, as it was only happening each other hit of the button, but I was wrong)

Once disabled, the ghost CC is gone. THANKS!

Mateu Ros

really? OMG, I did not think this had to do with it at all. I will try it when I get home tonight.


On the contrary, it's a "feature" of the Behringer firmware which you can disable if you have UnO firmware, by ticking the "No taptempo" checkbox in the global settings panel of ControlCenter.

Jack Fenton

I noticed you have some stomps set so check to see if it is programmed into one of your stomps.

Mateu Ros


I just recently found something that seems a bug in UNO firmware. When I configure a preset to send only a note message, I also get a CC 00 message each other time.
See the snapshot: I configure PRESET 081 it to send only a note 1 (vel127) message, but in the monitor you can see it triggers a CC 0 00 after the second  pulse. If I continue stomping, I get it every other time.

It's not a very big deal, because I simply ignore the CC 0, but it looks weird.