FCB1010UNO2 as FC-300 for Roland Fr-4x #UnO2


How can I send Sysex for Expression pedal.

Reason: Roland fr-4x supports only Sys Mode for FC-300.

In the FC-300 documentation there is the sysex data for expression pedal.

But how do I get the postion value and how do I calculate for each value of the checksum?

- 9 footswitches via sysex
- Switching Sets, Usergroups and Usergroupbanks 
are working fine.

Alf Schroth

Hi Heinrich,

I have the same problem with my Roland FR-8x. I’m able to select my User Programs, but don’t know how to access Volume on the Expression Pedal or any of the effects (Chorus, Leslie Fast/Slow, Sustain, etc.) I’m also lost when it comes to understanding how to input the Sysex values/variables (or even what they are..)

Could you post what you have in your UnO2 FR-4x setup? I've attached my test FR-8x setups for Internal sounds and User Program sounds.

And please let us know if you find anything.



Jack Fenton

As far as I know you cannot use SysEX output for Sweeps.  I think I asked this question when I got UNO2 about a month ago.

You would need to run your SysEX through an external program such as Bome MIDI Translator Pro to handle the conversion from CC to SysEX.


Thank you for the information.
I found the answer from ossandust.
With Bome MIDI Translator it works, I would have prefferred a solution without the computer active.


Bome also makes the Bome Box, which is programmed just like MIDI Translator.  Once it's programmed, you don't need the computer connected, and it runs on it's own (with power, obviously..).  It's not cheap at over $200 US, but it does work well.


Indeed with the current UnO2 firmware the expression pedals cannot send SysEx messages. I have recently spent quite some time to see if such feature was feasible for the UnO2 firmware, and now I can confirm this will most probably be added to a next firmware release. 
You will be able to specify something like 

SWEEP volume = SendSysEx F0 12 34 value 56 F7
and this sysex message will be sent when you move the expression pedal, with "value" replaced by the actual pedal position
You can also combine it with the other available sweep options ( modified value range and/or modified sweep curve ) :
SWEEP volume = SendSysEx F0 12 34 value 56 F7 10-100 SlowRising


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