Very Simple UnO2 Katana mkii Patch #file-notice

Dave Saul

OMG - that’s exactly what I want to do LOL!!!!!
hows it working out?
Do you have any diagram, Notes or Instructions?
(Where or what is File folder ?)


Just realised I didn't really do anything with the exp pedals. I'll make sure they work and update. 


Should be available in the files folder.  I just received my UnO2 firmware EPROM this morning and wrote an extremely simple layout for my Katana mkii head.

2 Banks
Bank 1:
Switches 1-4 - Amp Channels 1-4
Switch 5 - Panel
Switches 6-10 Stompboxes for the Boost, Mod, FX, Delay, Reverb

Bank 2:
Switches 1-4 - Amp Channels 6-8
Switch 5 - Panel
Switches 6-10 Stompboxes for Boost, Mod, FX, Delay, Reverb

This was just a first attempt at something, took a while to figure out (MIDI programme changes needed to be offset but the control changes didn't... weird.) but got there in the end.

This is just a basis for a much more complicated integrated multi MIDI setup with full Ableton integration too.  Glad this first stage was relatively painless!