Newbie question Uno Chip and Uno2 Firmware

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Hi,  I am new here and try to understand the Products

I just ordered a FCB1010 (a used one) to use it with the new Steinberg VST Live Software on Stage.

Do I need to order the UnO v.1.0.4 Chip so that I then can use the Uno2 v.1.4 to get the most out of the device?
What are the requirements to be able to use the Uno2 firmware on my device?


Greetings from Germany


I had a quick look at the VST Live manual. 
I can't make heads nor tails of it's MIDI implementation.

Are the values in the table supposed to be CC Values? I'm not sure this can be done.

I'm sure I must be misunderstanding, but in typical Steinberg fashion, the manual seems pretty bad.
Assuming that you actually have the SW, maybe you can explain what type of messages are required for doing whatever.
Then you'd need to be very specific about how you want the FCB to be laid out for performance use.
I suspect that you're going to want UNO2, but I'd need to know more before I can be of more help.


Sorry, it's late here.
You want EITHER the UNO 1.0.4 chip OR the UNO2 1.3 chip.
You don't need one to use the other, either or.

Detgyver <detlef.randerath@...>

Yes, you are right, the operating instructions are currently still very poor.
The program already has midi options that are not really described yet.
The functions are already being discussed in the Steinberg Forum and there will be an update available shortly.
The manual and how-to videos are also being worked on.
I basically want to use the FCB1010 to execute functions such as "song stop", "song start", "next song", "previous song" etc., I'm not (at least at the moment) concerned with more complex midi Instructions until I get the FCB1010 working with the basic functionality with VST Live.


My advice is to stick with the stock chip until you know more.
You should be able to perform all of those basic functions with the stock chip.
If you need help setting up the stock chip to do so, provide the messages you need to send and your preferred footswitch layout and I can help you out with that if you need it.

I also advise you to use an editor, don't try to use the Behringer manual configuration method.
The best editor is the UNO_ControlCenter. It costs 24euros.

FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010

If you decide you need UNO 1.0.4 it'll work with that as well as with the stock chip.

UNO2 is not GUI based, it comes with it's own code editor.

Detgyver <detlef.randerath@...>

Thank you for the offer, I'll gladly take it up!


Nice coincidence.. Just found out about VST Live yesterday, after seeing a reference to it on Reddit.  It's quite obviously Steinberg's answer to Mainstage, only very clunky and (IMO) overly complex.  Watched a video, then got the manual to get a list of it's capabilities.  I got about 3 paragraphs in and said, "nope.. not worth it."

It's a shame really.  A well done Windows clone of Mainstage would be very good for digital music IMO, giving new performers wanting some digital backup an easy way to set up different sounds for different songs in a set, switch between them, etc.  Ableton Live, frequently recommended for live performance, is well known for it's 'steep learning curve' (compared to something like Mainstage).  From my brief look at the VST Live manual, I'd say even a newbie would be better off starting with Ableton!


FWIW - Cantabile (Windows and recently ported to MAC) is usually listed right up there with Mainstage. I haven't used it in a while, but it's author is constantly updating and improving it, and it has way more features that I'd ever need. There's also an active and helpful community.

Jack Fenton

You might want to look into GigPerformer.


Thank you, that's the other one I was trying to think of. Never used it, but highly spoken of.

Detgyver <detlef.randerath@...>

Yes, VST Live is currently in a beta stage and the application is something "new".
As a user of many Steinberg software, I particularly like the compatibility with Cubase.
An update is currently being worked on that should fix the bugs contained and get
new functions that were requested by the power testers of the first version.
I'm very excited. I'll watch with GigPerformer anyway!