#UnO2 Control Center Feature Request #UnO2


UNO2 files can be exported from Control Center as simple .txt files (File Menu), then imported back as necessary. And you should always comment complex code.
Example attached. No comments, but it's pretty simple code.

Mike Watkinson

As a user who gets into something, creates loads of stuff, but then gets distracted by life and returns to a previous project sometime later, it would really help me if Uno2 Control Center project files were like actual files, rather than part of a long string of text in the .json file buried in the library. This would have a number of advantages:

Easy backup and transfer to other computers
Easy file management and ability to use Finder tools like 'date added' and 'date modified' to help me figure out what's what 
Ability to use Spotlight to search files

I tried to keep detailed notes but after a gap of several months they make no sense to me now in tracking down the various elements I was exploring in different Uno2 'files' - note to self, keep better notes and add more descriptive text to the projects themselves  - but the above would help as well :)