Switch Presets through code? #UnO2


Just to be sure before I program a workaround - I guess it's not possible to activate / switchOn Presets through code, is it?
(Like SwitchOn for Effects or SendTrigger for Triggers)
That would be very convenient in order to switch to a specific Preset when changing Banks. 


correct, there is no command to activate a preset.

Jim B

I’m just a newbie here so maybe I didn’t quite get this….
While there is no simple command to turn on a preset while switching banks, wouldn’t you be able to load an INIT_BANK command with the individual command(s) to get the intended result?
(Or we’re you just looking for an easier way of doing it? 🥴

Jim B


You're totally correct Jim. The only difference is that an "activate preset" command would also make a switch LED turn on if a certain switch in that bank would be configured to activate that preset. And as you say it would also be a bit easier to use 1 command instead of duplicating all individual commands of that preset. 


OK - thank you for the quick answer. So I'll do the workaround using effects. It might be a useful addition to a future version of UNO2, if it doesn't cause too many side-effects?


and also, less memory-hungry, as I'm always scratching at the memory limit. :-)

Jim B

I’m a little confused still about the Presets. If a number of foot switches are set as presets then can more than one be active at a time? Or only the most recent? And how would it then differ from an effect? Forgive me if this is obvious, but not being a guitarist with an array of effects, I don’t see much difference! (Although I would find it useful where, for instance, SWAM Brass instruments use a different value of an assigned CC# to vary a type of trumpet mute.

By the way, I got my chip Thursday and it’s working out great! 

Jim B


"If a number of foot switches are set as presets then can more than one be active at a time?"


From the manual page 23:

- a preset is the main element in your setup. It is typically activated by clicking one of the 10
footswitches of the FCB1010. A (virtually unlimited) number of MIDI commands is sent when
activating the preset, and the footswitch LED turns on to indicate that this preset is currently active.
Only one preset can be active at the same time, so selecting a different preset will automatically
switch off the LED of the previous preset. Although probably little used, if needed a preset can also
send commands on switch release.

"And how would it then differ from an effect?"

- an effect can also be assigned to one of the 10 footswitches of the FCB1010. The main difference
with a preset is that an effect typically has 2 states : ON or OFF. Clicking the effect footswitch toggles
between those 2 states, and the switch LED turns on or off along with the effect. As opposed to
presets, it is perfectly possible to have multiple effects activated at the same time. You will need to
define which MIDI commands to send both on effect activation and on effect deactivation.

Jim B

Thanks for responding. I did read that in the Manual, but I got distracted by the mention of the PRESET_RELEASE command. I was attempting to do a couple of things with varying success.
After some experimenting, I see now that the Preset Release works like the Trigger Release, turning the Preset into a momentary contact switch. That, together with the fact that you can only have one on at a time, does make a big difference.
So, I guess there is no way to turn off a preset other than to turn on another? (If I turn off a device, I’d rather not have the LED on!

and Cheers,
Jim B 


While you can send most anything you like using a Preset, the LED always tells you what preset you're in. That's it's purpose.


If you have your effects toggles next to the Preset's Program Change button in the Bank you can use SwitchOn to turn up to 8 (9 if not using Direct Bank) of them ON/OFF, then those would reflect their ON/OFF status and could be used as expected.


   Direct Bank : Stomp1 | Stomp2 | Stomp3 | Stomp4 | Stomp5  | Stomp6 | Stomp7 | Stomp8 | Stomp9    
   bank 1      : 0      | Stomp1 | Stomp2 | Stomp3 | Stomp4  | Stomp5 | Stomp6 | Stomp7 | Stomp8


Preset 0 =
    SendMidi DEVICE ProgChange 0
    SwitchOn Stomp1 
    SwitchOff Stomp2 
    SwitchOn Stomp3 
    SwitchOff Stomp4
    SwitchOn Stomp5 
    SwitchOff Stomp6
    SwitchOn Stomp7
    SwitchOff Stomp8


Of course, you can arrange the banks and Preset Commands any way you like.

Jim B

Thanks for the workaround example. That gave me a chance to better see how the presets work. Am I seeing it correctly that the PRESET can work across different banks? I don’t think the EFFECTS or TRIGGERS do that! Or is it just because the stomps have shared names?

I’ve been working on something very similar, but without using the PRESETS. My scenario is that I’m using a Wind Controller with SWAM Trumpet. There are 4 different types of mutes and, of course no mute at all. So 5 options altogether. I could set Presets foe each state using 5 pedals. That works fine, except it seems a little confusing to have an LED “on” for when the mutes are “off”!

I set an integer variable to track which mute condition is active. Then set EFFECT_ON statements for the 4 types which included updating the variable and any effects (“Wah” pedal) that might coincide. I created an EFFECT_OFF (only) with case statements to deactivate the mutes to return to the “No Mute” condition with a TRIGGER_CLICK command to call it with a SwitchOff statement. That way the LED for the “No Mute” simply flashes on when I press it and goes out as soon as I release it — it turns off whatever mute is active and return to an “off” or un-lit state. The SwitchOff is also called prior to activating each mute type (and setting the variable!) so that only one can be active at a time — like a preset that you can turn on, activate from another command, or turn off.
I still need to run it through its paces, but it looks like it’s working perfectly.

Thanks again for your help and input!

Jim B

Jim B

Ah, just did a simple test regarding the stomps question… I see that the EFFECTS also will carry through different banks.

Jim B