UnO2 control center can't connect to fcb1010, hangs when sending version request #UnO2


On Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 10:01 AM, RP wrote:
UnO2 control center won’t work while Ableton is open
If you read Jack's answer, you'll see why.  It's Windows' fault.  Windows classifies USB MIDI devices as HIDs (Human Interface Devices), so it gives them the same 'security' protection as a keyboard, and only one application can connect to any of them at one time.  If it bugs you enough, or if I can beg enough, Please send feedback to Microsoft telling them to Remove MIDI from HID Security protections.  The more people that bug them, the more chance we'll get it fixed.


For me personally, UnO2 control center won’t work while Ableton is open, I have to close it down, open control center, make changes and dump them. Then close control center and reopen Ableton. I’ve also noticed control center won’t work through my midi port unless the interface is set to 48khz with a 512 buffer. Not sure why this is happening but you might check these few things out. 

Jack Fenton

Usually lack of MIDI response means another application has taken control of a given MIDI port. Try shutting down all MIDI enabled applications and then try again.  On Windows, only one application can access a given MIDI port at a time.


Sometimes just shutting down the editor and the FCB and unplugging the USB from the computer for 20 seconds or so, then reconnect & reboot will do it.
Otherwise shutting it all down and rebooting everything in order is what it takes.
Occasionally it's necessary to sacrifice a goat to the Demons of Redmond...

If the UMC requires a special driver make sure you have the latest.


Hey everyone, hoping someone can help me out.
I set up my FCB1010 with UnO2 a long time ago. It works like a charm running MIDI into my Behringer UMC1820, with my basic 10-stompbox setup in ableton live.
Recently I reopened UnO2 to play around with my setup, and it can't connect to my FCB1010. Says "unable to open ports." So when I set the ports to the UMC1820 and click "test" it hangs indefinitely on "sending version request to the fcb1010." and the program just sits there and is not responding.

With MIDI Monitor I can see the midi messages coming in from the FCB1010 and it's working okay there.
Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I'm on Windows 10. Thanks