FCB1010 Groups Running Costs 2022-2023 #donation-request

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FCB1010 Groups Running Costs 2022-2023

Requested By: Roger Colwell


This group was created in GIO in October 2019, from Yahoo Groups, due to the impending removal of all the stored information therein, in both main FCB1010 User Groups going back as far as 2002.
Whilst it was payment-free with Yahoo, we needed to purchase a GIO Premium Yearly Plan to transfer most of the repositories from there, and we have continued to purchase a Premium Plan on an annual basis because of the extra features it provides, that we use.
Plan renewals are due every mid-October.
NOTE: if you're already a member of the main FCB1010 Group and wishing to donate to its upkeep, no need to donate here as well -- thanks!
In order to recoup these costs, we ask you kindly donate an affordable, small amount in order to support the continuation of the group -- any donation is welcome -- thank you!
The Payment Platform that's approved and integrated by Groups.io is from Stripe (www.stripe.com) -- please be assured this is a totally secure and trusted service which you are encouraged to check out by clicking the link given, if you have any concerns. Unfortunately, other Payment Platforms like PayPal, for example, are not supported or possible to be integrated by us, presently, at Groups.io.
To conclude this request, please note that there is no intention to accumulate funds and, should this income significantly exceed our annual expenditure, we will turn off/on this donation request when prudent to do so. Thank you again for your support!

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