Uno2 initial setup problem #UnO2

Alex Wild

Hi there Folks,

I have a question for a community about getting the Thing to work. I looked up the groups and couldn't find anything related to my exact problem.

I've recently upgraded my FCB with UnO2 chip. After licensing the chip I started to get familiar with the control center and created some basic setup, however, after sending it to the unit, I have only 2 active pedals: Up and Down.
After pressing Down, I see "---" as the bank number, where all the other pedals are lit, as well as the switch LEDs (pic 1), but tapping them changes nothing.
Pressing Up activates bank number 01, with same LEDs active (pic 2), again with no reaction. I tried to send the setup once again and got the result shown on a pic 3, with the possibility to only go Up and Down, anyway. MIDI monitor didn't see any commands sent through, while I pressed the pedals, and Bias FX 2 (which I'm trying to control with FCB) didn't respond either.

Is there something stupid I'm missing or such behavior could mean some bugs/errors?

Setup file is also included, just in case.

Thanks for any help in advance!


Let's see if we can fix the main problem (all the lights on, non-functional) first.

Import the attached file into your FCB.
Reboot the FCB.

If this does NOT solve the main problem, you may have a HW issue.
Hopefully, ossandust will chime in.

If it DOES fix the problem, let me know and we'll address BiasFX.


oops! forgot the file. DOH!

Alex Wild

Thx! I'll try to check the file today and report back. 

On Tue, Jan 10, 2023, 12:39 AM EJ SHELDON <bluesrock13@...> wrote:
oops! forgot the file. DOH!


My guess is that you are creating a MIDI loop, which makes the whole MIDI system instable. Make sure that BiasFX2 doesn't forward incoming MIDI, or simply disconnect the MIDI cable from PC to FCB1010 after doing a patchdump. 
All switch LEDs going on indicates a MIDI buffer overflow, which normally never occurs.

Alex Wild

So, I've just loaded the updated setup file - no changes, I've also disconnected MIDI cables (without using Bias FX) - same story. Factory reset didn't help too, after the self-test (which went normally, all pedals acted as intended), unit went back to the problem state.

There wasn't such a problem with the original chip - if it makes any difference...


I just downloaded your setup on my unit - no problems here, it behaves as expected. So I'm afraid there might be a hardware issue indeed - maybe install the original EPROM again to see if it still behaves correctly.