A new UNO2 and FCB1010 User and Reaper Super 8 #UnO2


To newbies and wise ones:
Greetings!   I've enjoyed using the UNO2 Chip. Below is a brief summary of my experience.  I hope it helps fellow newbies like me. 

It was a challenge to program my FCB1010 for the first time, but after much reading and trial and error learned how to program it.   Like all newbies, I expected to find a basic set of controls to utilize immediately, but as you already know, the UN02 is virtually a blank slate.  I am not afraid of coding, but I am untrained; therefore, I did what every desperate user would do, cheat!   I went to the files section and found some text files that were similar to what I needed to start, and boom, life to my FCB1010.   I enjoyed customizing the commands for my needs and was very happy until I realized my expression pedals did not work.  

After more reading and research, I discovered that the expression pedals were not turned on!  Yes, I had to activate Pedal A and Pedal B.   I found this command in the INIT_FCB section of the UNO2 manual. Once activated, the red lights powered on over the pedals, then I could see midi commands 000 and 127 in the midi monitor.  Almost there but not quite.  The expression pedals were not sweeping.  They were sending 000 and 127 midi commands only.   Hmmmmmm.

So I recalibrated the pedals again, yes I did this once already, but my pedals were off! :)   Now they are on, I followed the instructions to enter into calibration mode as per the UNO2 manual and performed the calibration as per the FCB1010 Behringer manual.   Success!  All the bells and whistles work as intended.   

My FCB1010 is customized for the Reaper Super 8 looper.  I use bank 02 to select tracks and record by pressing pedal 5.   I use bank 01 to overdub each track.   I've uploaded the txt file so you may play with it.