CME U2MIDI with UnO2? #UnO2


The second batch of CME's new MIDI DIN to USB cable, the U2MIDI, just went on sale, and I jumped on it (Normally $20, use code WM30 to get it for $14!!).  Anyone lucky enough to get one from the first batch last month?  (They went FAST)  Know if it works on UnO2?  I should be getting mine in just about a week, so I'm considering getting the UnO2 upgrade as well.  Let me know if you have any experience with it.


Nice..; However "USA and Canada Only".... How to do for the 228 others counrty :) ??


Yep, that does suck, sorry.  No way I know to get around it, but the shipping would probably drive the cost up the same as the other good ones you can get without international shipping.