Can't control Guitar Rig 5 (or anything) with FCB1010

Thomas M

I am trying to get some type of communication/connection with my FCB1010 and Guitar Rig 5 but nothing seems to work. I'm not getting any communication with the FCB1010 in Amplitube 4 either for what that's worth though I don't use Amplitube. Sorry if I've missed a post explaining this--feel free to link it. I have the FCB Uno software.

On a random occasion I was able to select presets in GR5, but then that stopped working. I've tried the applicable GR files hosted here to push to my FCB1010 and they didn't working in GR, though they did successfully send to my FCB1010. Before I got the Uno chip, I actually did get the stock FCB working with GR5 by setting up notes, but that only changed presets.

So here's where I'm stuck. In GR5, now with the Uno chip, I want to be able to switch presets (in a group of presets I made), as well as using the stompbox pedals to turn on/off some effects and use the expression pedals where applicable in some of those presets. I've tried manually setting up notes, and tried a control change (but I'm not exactly sure if that's what I'm supposed to be doing or even what that's doing). The FCB is set to channel 1, along with GR5.

In other words, for example, I want to select preset 1 on the FCB which will select preset 1 in GR, then I want to assign the 5 stompboxes in preset 1 to control up to five settings in preset 1, mainly on/off functions. I have three presets now but will be adding more once I figure out how to do this.

I've read the manual for the Uno FCB software but I'm still unclear on what all the functions are or do, but I do know enough on how to program what I need to get the the FCB working. I've had this thing for about six months, but I'm totally new to MIDI programming.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


Attached is a ControlCenter sysex (.lgp) for GR5.
Stomps are assigned CC#s 111-115.
Exp Pedals are 116 and 117.
In the top (highest) FCB/UNO Bank are an additional "Stomp" type controller and two "Momentary" type controllers - not to be confused with the "Momentary" function of regular STOMP pedals. I use these for "Preset Previous/Next". The additional "Stomp" type controller can be used for any function for which you don't require LED feedback, as the LED will behave like any other preset pedal.

Also attached is a screenshot of GR5. On the right is the MIDI configuration dialog. Note that I have several MIDI controllers, only two of which, "Helix" and "USB MIDI Interface" are marked ON. In "Preferences" MIDI Channel is set to 1, same as the FCB/UNO.

Presets in the FCB/UNO sysex file (.lgp) are numbered 000-127. Bank 00 Pedal 6 (I prefer my Stomps on the bottom row) will send PC# 000, which will load GR5 Preset 001. Note that in order to load a specific preset you need to be in the "TAG" (preset category) in which that preset resides.

Now look at the controllers. The first controller is labelled (upper left) NEW CONTROL. That's because it was created by clicking the "Add Controller" button and selecting the parameter to be controlled from the Menu. All the other controllers except for Preset Volume were created by right-clicking on the actual parameter (ON/OFF) on the effect's image, and have the CC# which was assigned using the "Learn" button.

In the upper right corner of some of the controllers you'll see a "LOCK" icon. By LOCKing a  controller it becomes GLOBAL. It will appear in EVERY preset, whether that effect is included in the preset or not. This acts as a reminder that the CC# is in use, and automatically assigns the parameter to the effect when the effect is added to the preset . DO NOT RE-ASSIGN LOCKED CC#s! To do so will break the Global assignment in EVERY preset.

The UN-locked controllers are specific to the preset, and can be re-used in any preset. When assigning UN-locked controllers, don't forget to SAVE the preset!

This should get you going. Any questions? 

BTW - If you want to use this with Amplitube, just reverse the STOMP Values - 000/127 instead of 127/000.

Thomas M

Thank you for the response. I'm going through each of your points to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.

I forgot to mention I'm on OS X if that makes any difference, but I don't think it does.

I got your file loaded on to the FCB. I don't know if it's an error with the FCB Uno software, but I'll load it, then receive with Uno software to check if it's loaded (it is), but if I receive again it seems like it disappears. I'm not sure if it's still actually on the FCB or an error with the software. When I send the patch to the FCB, sometimes all lights turn off, sometimes "0" shows, on one occasion the 3 pedal LED stayed lit, if that makes a difference. I'm not sure, but it almost seems like the FCB is only 'temporarily' saving any configurations before reverting back to stock.

I attached a screenshot of a portion of what's displaying after I 1) Sent your file to FCB and restarted, 2) Received your file from FCB to verify, 3) Closed/reopened Uno software and received the file a second time

In GR, here's what happening. The only pedal that seems to work is expression, but what I think the issue is, is that GR sees every input as "CC # 7". I saw how you configured your file (preset on top, stompbox on bottom) but GR isn't recognizing all the different CC changes you have. The expression pedal is seen as CC #7 which I know can't be right. GR doesn't see preset changes; though this did work once, at random, a couple weeks ago before I starting messing around with it again. I was also trying to set up new controllers by either adding manually or right clicking on what I want to alter (power buttons in my case, for those stompboxes), and GR doesn't see any input.

Tying into the 'FCB not saving thing', I loaded your preset file, and after restarting the FCB, the lower set of pedals seems to be presets (solid LED) and the upper set seem to be stompboxes (temp LCD) which is opposite if your config, so now I have no idea why that's happening. I'm using Midi Monitor to confirm the output and that seems to be confirming that the FCB seems like it's reverting to stock and/or not saving your config file.

Thomas M

Update: I think I've figured out the problems, basically it's what I was saying in the last paragraph of my previous response. The FCB isn't saving the data sent to it; it seems to receive the data and turns off, but when you turn it back on nothing saved. I'm not sure what's causing this.

Thomas M

Solved: The problem was my MIDI interface, a Midiplus Tbox 2x2. Apparently it doesn't handle SYSEX messages when sending from Control Center to the FCB. I tried my older (and cheaper) MIDI interface. I use the send cable on that (Control Center to FCB) and I use a separate MIDI cable for receiving (FCB to Control Center) and it's all good now.