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Steven Marruso

Thanks for the reply, I uploaded the SYSEx file you sent I reset my stomps in BIAS FX using the “Learn” option to reassign all the new CC values, but now nothing works. With the Configuration I had at least I was able to turn on and off my stomp boxes.  The only change I see in the Stomp Box config is that you specify “On = 0” and “OFF = 127” I had it the other way around. I have UNO version 1.0.4 don’t know if that makes a difference.  How is your Global Config set?


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Load the attached in ControlCenter. It's set up for Amplitube, but works fine with BIAS, as BIAS ignores the Stomp Toggle Values anyway.

Before the Expression pedals will send, you have to step on either a preset or stomp to which the expression pedal has been assigned.Note that I have the expression pedals in every preset AND the Stomps.  By setting them up everywhere it doesn't matter what button you press first, they're active.

IIRC, since BIAS ignores CC ranges, you can't set up the pedal to activate at a specified value, so if you're using a WAH and want to be able to fake a toe switch, you're SOL.