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V1.0.4 is the latest.

Yes, the pedal movement should be visible in the monitor, as in the attached screenshot (SLOW movement of the pedal – the display looks weird if you move it fast, but that in itself would indicate that it’s working.


If what you’ve got in the FCB matches the other screenshot, Preset 100 is actually Stomp 5. UNO takes presets 96-100 and uses that memory space for the Stomps.

If there’s nothing coming out of the FCB when moving the exp pedal, maybe you do have a problem. If it was me I’d double check/confirm that by using MIDIOX (a free dedicated MIDI utility program – screenshot attached) to be sure that it’s not a problem with ControlCenter. Maybe you got a bad chip?




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Did you see the screen shot I sent, It has all that info in it.  I did upload the config via sysex into the UNO Editor, I them pressed the Preset 100 (in the UI) and you can see it shows up in the “MIDI Output for Preset 100” with the correct CC# 115 and value 0 – 127, when I move the Pedal in the Editor (UI)  you see the output under “Midi Output for EXP Pedal A” and B respectively.  When I enable the “MIDI IN Monitor”  and press the Preset 100 on the physical FBC board I can see the toggling of the switch in the MIDI in Monitor but when I move the EXP Pedals (which are both enabled with red LED light on)  I do not see any activity in the MIDI IN Monitor from the either EXP Pedal which I would expect to see, so I just want to know if this is supposed to show up or not in the MIDI IN Monitor? If the CC messages from the pedal are never leaving the board that would explain why it cannot interact with the BIAS FX software.


Also I have version 1.0.4 is this the latest version?


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Not sure I understand. Are you rocking the exp pedal on the UI or the FCB itself? Have you DL'd the configuration to the FCB and pressed a button to activate the pedals? If you DL the configuration to the FCB and activated the exp pedals by pressing a button, then up load the FCB contents back to the editor (so you know they're identical), the left monitor box should show the same signals when using the UI pedal as the right monitor box shows when using the FCB pedal. Don't forget to click the little icon on the right box!


Or am I misunderstanding (again!)?