FC-300 SYS mode emulation / send SYSEX for V-Accordion?


This may not be possible... It seems that at some earlier version of the UNO firmware it may have provided an option to send SYSEX messages, but that functionality was removed due to storage limitations.

I am really interested in using the FCB-1010 to control a Roland V-Accordion (FR-4x(b) or FR-8x(b)). They accept MIDI connection from a Roland FC-300 when it is put in the SYS mode, and then you configure what each of the nine pedals do in the accordion parameters.

I did look at the FC-300 manual but am not really sure it helped me at all to know even what format of SYSEX data it is sending.

I did see one person, Oove Steger, who put out a Vimeo video where he has made this work, but has injected a Midi Event Processor to do the work in the middle. It costs $130 which is a bit steep for me. Looking at possible DIY projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi perhaps, but at the end of the day it would great if it could be done straight from the FCB-1010, even if there was a variant firmware to handle it aside from the main Uno branch. :)

Jack Fenton

I remember someone doing this with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.  Of course you need a computer to do this, though. They also have a BomeBox but it might be out of your price range. 

Check out their forum.

Another idea. Maybe the EurekaSound would be interested in making some special firmware for you.