FCB1010 not showing preset display correctly after the first 9.


As stated presets 1-9 show on the display as ( 00 - 09) the next 10 show as ( 00. - 08.) I can't get it to display the 10's digit.
I'm using uno chip with the Ripwerks program which works perfectly with the AXE-FXII. See attached Pictures.


That's the way UNO displays when you're using Stomp mode. The dot indicates that you're past 10. IOW - 00. = 10 ; 01. = 11 etc.
As for how Ripwerx displays, I'm pretty sure it hasn't been fully compatible with UNO for a couple of UNO versions, but IIRC, what you're seeing is just the way Ripwerx does it. It's also how the FCB UNO_ControlCenter (created by the UNO author for use with UNO) displays. Here's a screenshot.