FCB1010 Uno 1.04 Cubase, Guitar VSTis


Hi - 

Hadn't used my FCB with Uno 1.04 in several years.  Happy to be back at it. I had Control Center 1.07, but upgraded last night to version 2.03 (functionality seems the same)  I used Cubase with most guitar VSTs (AT5, Guitar Rig, Helix, TH-U, Kuassa stuff, S- Gear,  Neural DSP,  Softtube Amps, etc.)

Couple of questions/observations coming back into this -

My main use is to use stomp box mode (bottom row) to turn pedals on or off and using the two pedals to control Wah and Volume when playing or recording in Cubase.  I don't care much about changing presets in a VST. I use Cubase 12 primarily on Windows. Below are my settings.  

I noticed that every VST seems to do things differently and sometimes stomp box mode will turn a pedal on or off with MIDI learn in a plug in and some other plugins they won't.

I would love to turn off a wah pedal when the heel is down and the CC value is 0. is there a way to tigger a control change message?

I see Uno2 is alternate EPROM.  Is there any advantage for me to use this instead considering my use cases?

Any best practices to suggest when trying to use FCB primarily in Windows, Cubase to play VSTis?

Here is my config.  Does it matter what CC1 I use for the preset pedals?



UNO2 allows you to create a toe or heel switch to send a toggling CC.
It also allows you to do most anything else you want to do.
You do need to learn the programming language though. Not rocket science but not a simple GUI like UNO.

On regular presets, both CC1 and CC2 are sent on preset load unless you set it up to toggle, in which case Value 1 is sent on preset load and the values alternate on consecutive presses until you change presets. The LED does not reflect the toggling.

I don't use Cubase,I don't like it or anything to do with Steinberg. I use Reaper and Ableton LIVE. Sometimes Cakewalk, but it has some annoying quirks.


Thanks so much for the info.  Really appreciate you sharing your deep knowledge here.

In stomp box mode, is there any issue with activating the Expression Pedals on the stompbox presets?

After playing around with MIDI Remote in Cubase 12.  Looks like it makes sense to assign the FCB to a MIDI Remote Script.  Then one can assign an expression pedal to a Focus Quick Control and control  aspects of any plugin without worrying about the MIDI learn or MIDI implementation on a plugin.