FCB1010 Uno Expression pedals oscillating between two values

Dave Abbott

Hello All

The problem is really explained by the topic title. every so often when either of the expression pedals is in a certain position I can see that the display is oscillating between two values. This is a problem as these values are being sent via midi to Guitar Rig which is what I use. Anybody got any ideas as to how to cure this.?

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Dave Abbott


My guess is that you are using UnO firmware v.1.4. The problem can be solved by ordering an older version of the UnO firmware - v.1.3. The original firmware had a large "threshold" to avoid this kind of problem (possibly caused by excessive noise on the power supply, or by degraded capacitors on the power line which no longer filter out the noise sufficiently). The problem with the original firmware was that the expression pedals only start sending MIDI messages after moving the pedals quite a bit, making the pedal behavior unresponsive. Many complained about that, therefore in UnO v.1.4 that large threshold was removed, but on some units this can cause the issue which you describe.

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So where can one order the 1.0.3 firmware and why would one have to pay for a roll back when the new firmware is obviously not right?


FWIW - I had that problem pop up with FW 1.0.2f.
A Factory reset and pedal calibration fixed it.
You might want to try that first before you spend money trying to solve a FW problem that might actually be a HW problem.