FCB-1010 Uno 1.04 as Sanpera Pedal for Peavey VYPYR VIP-1

Jack Fenton


I found I was able to connect my FCB-1010 to my Peavey VYPYR VIP-1 in place of a Sanpera Pedal.

The VIP-1 has a 7 pin MIDI port so I had to create a special 5 pin to 7 pin cable by splicing a my 5-pin (for FCB-1010) to my 7 pin (VIP-1).  I only use pins 2 and 4. Other pins need to be clipped. The VIP-1 delivers power on pins 6 and 7 so they should NOT be connected to anything.

The file here provides for everything but.

Enable Disable Effects Delay/Reverb (requires note off instead of note on at velocity 0)

Tuner (same issue)

Looper Start stop - Stop but no start however you can restart with record play. You can hold down to clear current recorded loop.

The key issue is with Notes which you don't have a lot of control on with Uno. (Let me know if I missed anything here)

Hopefully by looking at the file, you can figure out on your own what everything does.

Jack Fenton

Actually it is not pins 2 and 4. It is pins 4 and 5.