FCB ControlCenter


I'm trying to set up the expression pedals, and as far as I understand the LEDs shoud turn on when you enable the pedals in the software but my won't turn on, and I get no response from the actual pedal it self,

Is this a bug or am doing something wrong?

Tried to unInstall the software and install it again but no luck


Once you've configured the expression pedals in a preset, they won't be activated until you select the preset. What I do is configure them in ALL presets, then whatever preset I select first activates. them.


Tried that, but won't make any difference.

But will try to configure them in all presets like you said.

Editt: tried all the presets but to no avail


Do a 1+6 factory reset. Unexplained wonky behavior is often cured by that.


the problem is in the software, it doesn't even work in there, the LEDs for the pedals never turn on


if you do as EJ suggests (1+6 factory reset), and then you upload this setup to ControlCenter, you will see in the gridview that both expression pedals are enabled in all presets (see gridview screenshot) and when you select any preset in ControlCenter you will see that both expression pedal LEDs are on (see preset screenshot). If that is not the case, compare your uploaded setup with the .lgp file in attachment. If they are not identical I'm afraid there will be a hardware issue (fcb1010 or MIDI-USB interface)


cool, will give this a go :)