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Mark Gordon Creamer <markgc@...>

I had a couple of music projects that I had to finish but just got around to working with the Control Center to program my FCB for the Line6 HX Stomp.   IT WAS A BREEZE!

i set set up switches 1 through 4 for program changes with tap tempo for the patches with tempo based FX.   5 turns on the tuner.  6,7,and 8 select the snapshots for the patches (very cool feature of the HX)  Expression Pedals patch dependant.  And I still have two switches left for whatever.

Us this as a letter of endorsement for any other HX Stomp / FCB questions you might have.

Thanks again,


Ryan DiDomizio


Thanks for posting this! That sounds great.  

I have my stock FCB1010 programmed for my HX Stomp - but I got a .syx file from Dhanesh 'D-man' Mahtani on the facebook group The Line6 MIDI MAD SCIENTIST CLUB.

I'm very new to both the HX Stomp, FCB1010, and Midi in general.  Having the .syx file was a huge head-start for me (a big thanks to D-man!).

D-man's .syx sets up switches like so:

1-5 to mimic FS1-FS5
6-8 to Snapshots 1-3
9 to select stomp mode
10 to select scroll mode

The expression pedals mimic EXP-1 an EXP-2.  

That's all on bank 0.  The other banks are all available still.

So everything works depending on how you set up your switches and patches on the HXS, except the tuner (I think the tap tempo works).

Is that a limitation of the stock Behringer chip?  What functionality does the UNO chip provide that the stock chip can't do?

I was very nervous about buying the FCB1010 because there is so little info about it's compatibility with the HX Stomp.  Posts like yours would have been very helpful to give me the confidence to make a purchase.

Thanks again!

Ryan D.


Tuner is CC#68, 0/127 toggles it on/off.


The 5 Stomp buttons can be accessed in any preset bank, as all banks have the 5 Stomps and 5 preset buttons.

With careful programming, you can turn the effects assigned to those Stomps ON/OFF and have the LEDs reflect the ON/OFF status.

Ryan DiDomizio

Thanks rd2rk,

I'll give it a try.  Right now, I have the tuner access dependent on the mode your in and 
what the HXS is set for (FS3 in my case) since it is emulating the FS on the HXS.

I have a few questions...

So you say there are five Stomp buttons and five preset buttons per FCB preset (banks)?
Does it matter which are which?  1-5=only stomp or preset? 6-10? 

Are HXS presets called with a CC or a PC? So far, I've only used CC messages.  
I don't understand what PC messages are for and how to use them.

Sorry if these are stupid questions.  Like I stated, this is all new to me.

Thanks again, 

Ryan D.


You can configure the FCB either way. Presets are called using PC#s, Stomps are toggled using CC#s. CC#s are also used for Snapshots and expression pedals. Here's a link to the UNO Manual:

IIRC,the HXS has 128 presets. The stock FCB allows access to 100 (10 banks of 10), the UNO/STOMPS configuration allows access to 95 (19 banks of 5 with the STOMPS available in each bank).

Ryan DiDomizio


That makes sense.  Now I need to figure out how to program PC#s.  I'm using Ed Dixon's editor on my PC.  Since I don't have the UNO upgrade, the UNO user guide won't be of use???

I'm still very unclear about what the UNO upgrade buys you...

I also gave the tuner a try (CC#68, 0/127) and it does absolutely nothing on my FCB -- I tried tapping it multiple times and holding it down for several seconds.  Would I need to change something on the HXS to make it work?  

I did confirm that the tap tempo works when emulating the HXS FS and the HXS in the scroll mode.

Thanks again, rd2rk!

Ryan D.


If you don't have the UNO chip, why are you posting on the UNO board?

What I described is what the UNO upgrade gets you. When you're connected to the editor, what chip version does the display show? That'll be top right - FIRMWARE:

Ryan DiDomizio

Sorry for the confusion...

I'm trying to figure out if I need the UNO upgrade.  

I recently purchased the FCB1010, brand new.  So I'm certain it is not upgraded, but I will let you know the firmware version next time I have it hooked up to the editor.

This may be why I can't get the tuner to work, eh?

Like I said, I'm a bit over my head and trying to learn to swim as fast as I can!

Ryan D.


OK, if you bought it new, then you have the latest v2.51 (10 or 15 years old!)

Look at it this way. You have 10 banks of 10 buttons. you can use it in it's default mode - Bank 00 button 1 sends PC#001 (or 000, I forget which - I just did a factory reset on mine to see - it's 000).

Bank 09 button 10 sends PC#99. Helix numbers it's presets 000-125.

You said it's currently set up like this:

        1-5 to mimic FS1-FS5
6-8 to Snapshots 1-3
9 to select stomp mode
10 to select scroll mode

If that works for you, great. If not, what would you have?

I don't have a HXS (I have the full Floor model), so I can't play around and tell you what combination/configuration I find most useful.

If you send me a copy of the sysex that you're using I can have a look at it and see how the author has it setup. If it was me, I would have set up the other 9 banks to send PCs. When you look at it in the editor, what's he have the other 9 banks set up to do? If you switch to another bank and hit a button, does the HXS change presets?

As for UNO, it may be that, for use with the HXS, there's no real advantage other than having the FS1-FS5 emulations available in every FCB bank of 5 presets (19 banks x 5 = 95 available presets), or having some other combination of HXS functions always available. Depends on your usage case if that would be an advantage worth voiding the FCB warranty to install UNO.

Ryan DiDomizio

I can't thank you enough for your help!

The person who sent me the file has a pretty good layout programmed on Bank 0 (as I described).  He also has bank 1 programmed as follows (actually, I think I made a modification or two):
        1-3 to Snapshots 1-3
4-5 to FS4 & FS5 (so I can scroll presets when in the propper mode).
6-9 to select the four modes (Stomp, Scroll, Preset, Snapshot)
10 to select Tuner on/off

I honestly don't remember if this was how bank 1 was programmed when I got it or if I made changes.  I did play around with it at first.  The point is, I'm not using Bank 1 because the tuner isn't working and I can do all I have to (except tune) from Bank 0.

My motivation (details of my journey so far -- warning; very verbose!):

I play in a cover band. We do classic rock, old & new country, and blues/blues rock.  Nothing really heavy (no dropped tunings or metal). Before I bought the HX Stomp, I was gigging with a Fender Mustang Floor, direct into the PA.  I was frustrated at the quality of and control over the sound, but it would function for me. Mostly I used about four presets for 90% of the tunes, and I could stomp on the effects as needed, depending on the song (with some limitations).  I also had several presets that would only get used for one or two songs.  I would just scroll through the presets as the singer called the tunes.

I could not swing the $$$ for the full blown Helix. I was able to get a good deal on the HX Stomp, so I bought it.  But I was frustrated with it immediately. I turn 60 years old this year and I've been a diabetic for 30 years.  Bending/crouching down to play with the HX Stomp constantly was not going to happen.  I found it very difficult and limiting to navigate with my feet.  If I had a dedicated tuner fs, then I only had two stomp options.  Snapshots are great, but with a limit of three, I would have to duplicate presets to customize them for different songs, meaning I would need more presets -- more to have to scroll through.

On the Fender MF, I used to program the only expression pedal to control my volume.  My band plays as a four piece and as a duo -- I needed to be able to adjust my volume on the fly to adjust for the line-up and for song dynamics.  That was the first thing I missed with the HX Stomp.  

On the Fender MF, I could access the tuner (has a dedicated tap tempo/tuner FS).  It also had the ability to bank up/down presets when in stomp mode, so I could navigate with my feet.

I had an external expression pedal for the Fender MF, but it is incompatible with the HXS.  Buying a Mission Engineering pedal was out of reach financially and it would only solve the volume problem and do nothing for my navigation issues.  The Morningstar MIDI controller was the same -- too expensive for me and wouldn't solve my volume control issue.

I learned about the Behringer FC1010 after doing some research on-line and it seemed like it would solve both issues.  I paid $530 for the HXS.  I paid $125 for the FCB.  I had to buy a midi cable and a USB midi interface for another $50.  

So for just over $700, I think I have all the pieces to make this work.  Sure, I would rather have a Helix Floor, or better, a full Helix, or best a Helix Rack with a floor controller and one or two expression pedals, but I'm on a fixed income and those options are out of reach financially  -- at least in my current situation.

With my current configuration, Bank 0 let's me get through a gig.  But i think it could be better...

Sure the FCB is big and heavy, but until I can afford a full blown Helix, it is useable and I can gig with it.

What would I like to do with it?  Well #1, get the tuner to work.  

Then, as you said, I'd like to take the presets I use most often and pull them up with the other 9 banks.  I envision something like this:

Bank 0 - generic navigation, as it is now, basically.
Banks 1-9  - would call a discrete preset and have:
1) five stomp FS for the current preset (1-5), each block except the amp/cab
2) three snapshot FS for that preset, as programed by the HXS preset (6-8)
3) a dedicated tap tempo FS (9), and 
4) a dedicated tuner FS (10).  
4) Expression pedals as programmed per the HXS preset.

I could then scroll through the banks of the FCB for 90% of the presets/tunes.  I could use bank 0 to navigate to the onesy-twosy presets I only need occasionally.

So I am, obviously, still trying to figure this out.  I have never messed with MIDI before now, but with the help of that .syx file and a quickie pedal board I slammed together, I will be using only the HXS and FCB when I gig this weekend.  The FMF will be in my car, just in case...

Of course, I'm still learning about the HXS as well, so I've had my hands full, learning lot's of new stuff. 

I've been gigging with the HXS in the effects loop of the FMF till now.  I had a clean preset that I would use when I wanted to use the HXS, and I could bank to my old FMF presets in order to get through a gig if I didn't have a preset made on the HXS yet.

I've attached the .syx file for you to look at if you want to.

Sorry for the length of the message. I really do appreciate the info and insight.

Ryan D.

Ryan DiDomizio

Sorry, forgot to attach the .syx...


WELL, you can't have that! BUT.....

It sounds like you want each FCB bank of 10 switches to select 10 presets AND perform 10 functions (plus Exp pedals).

Each FCB bank of 10 switches can select 1 preset and perform 9 functions  (plus Exp pedals), OR
Select 2 presets and perform 8 functions  (plus Exp pedals), OR
Select 3 presets and perform 7 functions  (plus Exp pedals)......

OR with UNO each bank (00-18) can select 5 presets and perform 5 functions  (plus Exp pedals).

If you perform all of your HXS functions from bank 00, banks 01-09 can select presets 000-089. Exp pedals can work in all banks.

In simplest terms, those are your limitations.

Attached is a sysex configured to use that last option. Bank 00 button 9 toggles your tuner, button 10 does Tap Tempo.Figuring out how to make the FCB do Tap Tempo was a real adventure!

Buttons 1-5 are FS1-FS5. Buttons 6-8 are the snapshots. 

I tested this with my Helix Floor, it all works as expected.

Lastly, I would like to point out that this sysex was created with UNO_ControlCenter on a v1.0.2f UNO chip.
Whether it will work when loaded onto the stock chip with the Ed Dixon Editor is anybody's guess. I opened it in that editor and it LOOKED good, but that editor hasn't been actively supported in YEARS, so who knows?

HOWEVER....the UNO_ControlCenter Editor works fine with the stock chip, is FAR FAR FAR superior in EVERY WAY to the Ed Dixon Editor, and costs about $22. Don't get suckered into a false economy. That $22 is less than I was making an hour driving a truck before I retired, and WAY less than I got when I was in IT.

Anyhow, here ya go! Let me know how it works out!



Hi guys. I am going through a similar setup problem. Replacing pod hd500 with hx stomp on uno fcb1010. Added complication  with controlling a GR55 as well. Would it be possible to get hold of the sys file above to help me out? I can’t see any link in the posts above but would love to take a look at it?

Mateu Ros

Maybe the attachments were lost during the group migration....

What are you looking for? I do have some example syx files for HXstomp.

You can find one here:


But if you describe what you want to achieve, we might be able to help


Thanks for the link, much appreciated. I was trying to replicate the 3 footswitches and cover fs 4-5 along with expression pedals. I got fcb bank fs 1-5 set up as Stomp fs1-5 with fcb fs6-9 changing Stomp modes but the expression pedals arn’t working yet. The previous setup I used bank 1 for pod hd500 and bank 2 for gr55. The other banks changed presets on both.. this is in normal mode.
i haven’t tried stompbox mode yet but am just getting some ideas on the best way to organise everything and how to get the right messages together. Gr55 is controlled through a Godin xtsa so I can bank up/ down on that from the guitar. I’m retiring at Xmas so I’ll have more time to play😊

Roger Colwell

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 01:07 PM, Mateu Ros wrote:
Maybe the attachments were lost during the group migration....
I can confirm that the migration process from Yahoo to GIO did not include message attachments, unfortunately! 

EJ is still very active here and probably willing to assist, if required ...
Roger Colwell
FCB1010_UnO Group Owner/Moderator

Mateu Ros

I think you need to be registerd and logged into Line6 to be able to get the links.

I add here the files from this link and a couple more syx files I have that can help you with the HX configuration

Most of them are lgp files for the Uno Control center. If you want I can export them to syx.


The links above are indeed my files from the L6 Community board, where I am rd2rk.
I'm happy to answer specific questions about them.


Thank you both. Plenty of information and ideas to explore there. Excellent support. I’ll follow up on the info posted and see where the rabbit hole leads to.